11 components of Physical Fitness


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Health Related Parts of Fitness
(give you a better quality of life)

Flexibility: The range of motion achieved at the joints of the body.  A joint is anywhere two or more bones meet.
Muscle strength:
The ability of a muscle to exert force.
Muscle Endurance: 
The ability to carry on muscular effort over a period of time.
Cardiovascular Endurance:
The ability of the heart muscle to carry on muscular effort over a period of time.
Body Composition: 
The percentage of muscle compared to fat within your body.

Skill Related Parts of Fitness  
(improve your sports and motor skills)

Balance: The ability to exhibit good control of the body's center of gravity.
The ability to use the different sides and parts of the body separately and in combination.
The ability to change directions quickly.
Reaction Time: 
The ability to respond quickly to unpredictable external changes.
The process of using strength to apply force to move an object or a person.
The ability to move quickly.


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Health Related and Skill Related Components

The Definitions of "The Components of Physical Fitness"