by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

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Chapter 1 - P. 11-18

Marty's family is sitting around the dinner table on Sunday afternoon.  Marty does not want to eat his fried rabbit because he can't get the thought out of his head about how his dad killed it.  Marty leaves the dinner table, takes his .22 rifle, and goes for a walk in the West Virginia hills.  Marty talks about how early morning is the best time to go into the hills because he can see lots of animals besides cats, dogs, frogs, cows, and horses.  as Marty walks by the old Shiloh schoolhouse, he sees a beagle following him.  The beagle seems very scared and keeps his distance.  Marty keeps calling for the dog, but he doesn't come.  After a while, Marty whistles for the dog and he comes running.  The dog starts licking Marty all over.  Marty starts to walk home and the beagle follows him.  Marty knows that he can't keep the dog because his family can't afford it.  When Marty gets home his parents question him about the dog.  He says where he found it and his Dad guesses that it belongs to Judd Travers.  Marty asks why Judd doesn't treat his dog right, but his Dad says that there are no marks on him.  Marty says there doesn't have to be marks to be hurt.  Marty watches a little TV and then looks out the window.  The dog is still out by the tree.  Marty's mom asks if he is still there.  Marty decides to call the dog Shiloh.


·         The dad hunts for food and the boy doesn’t like to hunt.

·         The story is told in first person from the boy’s point of view

·         The boy likes to go walking by himself

·         The boy finds a dog that seems scared of something

·         When the boy whistles, the dog comes to him and won’t leave

·         The dog followed the boy all the way home

·         The father thinks the dog belongs to Judd Travers



·         Is the dog really afraid of something?

·         Does the dog belong to Judd Travers and is he abusing it?

·         Is the father upset that the boy doesn’t like to hunt?  He did get him a rifle for his 11th B-Day

·         Was the dog trained to stay back unless whistled for?



·         Have you ever brought something home that you knew your parents didn’t want you to?

·         Have you ever found a dog that you took home?

·         Have you ever known of an animal being abused?

·         Have you ever been walking by yourself in the woods?



·         Will the father make the boy take Shiloh to Judd Travers?

·         Will the boy get to keep the dog?

·         Will Judd Travers come looking for the dog?



·         Scolding – P. 11, 2nd paragraph

·         Rattly – P. 13, 1st paragraph

·         Particular – p. 13, 2nd paragraph

·         Barreling – p. 15, 8th paragraph

·         Propeller – p. 16, 1st paragraph

·         Thump – p. 18, last paragraph







·         What did Shiloh do when the boy first tried to call to him? Knowledge – recall, what

·         Why did the boy think Shiloh was being abused? Comprehension - infer

·         What would you do to find out who Shiloh belonged to? Application - plan

·         What inference can you make from the fact that Shiloh’s collar is an old one? Analysis - conclusion

·         What should the family do now that Shiloh has followed the boy home? Synthesis – plan, imagine

·         What could the boy say to his parents to convince them to let him keep Shiloh? Evaluation – prove, defend


Chapter 2 - P. 19-27

Marty wants to save some of the fried rabbit from dinner to give to Shiloh.  However, his mom is watching him too close because she knows what he is thinking. He

goes out back and gets an egg to feed to Shiloh.  His dad comes outside and they get into the Jeep to take Shiloh back to Judd Travers.  On the way, Marty tells his

dad that he wants to be a veterinarian.  His dad says that takes lots of schooling and Marty can feel the dream "leak out like water in a paper bag."  Marty thinks

about the reasons he doesn't like Judd Travers.  First, he cheated Mr. Wallace at the corner store.  Second, he spits tobacco at Marty because he doesn't like him. 

Third, he was always in front of him at the fairgrounds.  Fourth, he kills deer out of season.  Marty begins to plead with his dad about taking care of the dog.  Dad

doesn't show much interest because he is just a dog.  Marty can feel Shiloh shaking as they pull up to Judd's.  Dad gets out and makes small talk with Judd before

asking about the dog.  Judd says it's his and kicks him when he gets out of the Jeep.  Marty asks Judd not to kick him any more.  he promises that he will bring the

dog back to Judd if he doesn't hurt him.  Judd promises not to hurt him that night, but threatens that he will whup him if he runs again.  Marty must fight to hold back

tears on the drive home.



·         Because the story is told from the point of view of the boy, incorrect english is sometimes used.

·         The father tells the boy that they are taking Shiloh back to Judd Travers.

·         The boy really doesn’t like Judd Travers.

·         The boy really wants to get involved but the dad wants to mind his own business.

·         When dad and Judd first meet, they start with polite conversation before talking business.

·         The boy has to give Shiloh back to Judd Travers.



·         Why did the dad decide to take the dog back to Judd’s that night instead of waiting till the next day?

·         The back screen slammed – Dad must not want the boy to get attached to Shiloh and he is hurrying to solve the problem.  Mom probably told him that the boy was feeding the dog.



·         Have you ever been on a journey that you did not want to take?

·         Did you ever have to give something back that you did not want to?

·         Have you ever been afraid to speak your mind but did it anyway?



·         Will Shiloh run away again?

·         Will the boy try to look for Shiloh and rescue him?

·         Will the dad decide to get involved?



·         Flustered – P. 23 – 1st paragraph

·         Abandoned – P. 24 – 1st paragraph

·         Plumb tired – P. 25 – 1st paragraph

·         Thrusting – P. 26 – last paragraph



·         Contractions with ‘s

·         P. 19 – whatever’s, there’s, what’s

·         P. 20 – that’s Judd’s – possessive ‘s

·         Contractions with ‘ll

·         P. 21 – Judd’ll tale em off.

·         Simile

·         P. 21 – My dream leaks out like water in a paper bag.

·         P. 26 – shaking like a window blind in a breeze

·         P. 26 – strong as coffee

·         Paragraph construction – P. 22-23

·         The boy lists reasons he doesn’t like Judd Travers and starts a new paragraph for each reason

·         Personification

·         P. 26 – I can hear bits and pieces floating out over the yard.





·         There are 5 people in the family.  Mom, Dad (Ray Preston), Boy, Becky, Dara Lynn.  Who wanted to keep the dog and who wanted to return him? Knowledge - name

·         Describe the conversation the dad had with Judd Travers. Knowledge - recall

·         Why did the dad decided to take Shiloh to Judd Travers immediately? Comprehension - infer

·         What questions would you have asked Judd Travers to find out if Shiloh really was his dog? Application - interview

·         Compare the boy’s personality with the father’s. Analysis - compare

Who do you think is right – the father for returning the dog to it’s rightful owner or the boy for wanting to protect Sounder?  Justify your answer. Synthesis – judge, Evaluation – choose, justify

Chapter 3 - P. 28-36

Marty can't sleep that night because he is thinking about Shiloh.  He decides that he is going to buy Shiloh from Judd.  Marty asks his dad what he can do to earn

some real money in about a month.  All his dad can come up with is to collect cans and bottles.  Marty wishes he could get paid to baby sit his sisters, however he

knows that his dad will just tell him he is pulling his fair share.  Marty's mom can tell he is thinking about Shiloh.  He tells her that thinking don't cost nothing.  That

night Marty's sister catches some fireflies in a jar.  Marty compares them to Shiloh being all chained up. Marty helps his dad deliver the mail the next day.  When

they get to Judd's, Marty asks how the dog is doing.  Judd tells him that he didn't feed Shiloh the night he ran off. He also says that he keeps the dogs half starved so

they hunt better.  Marty's dad tells Judd that he should try to keep the dogs healthy and Marty knows he is saying that for his sake.  Judd says that the dogs don't

have names, just dog one, two, and three.  Marty tells Judd that the dog's name is Shiloh.  Judd stares at Marty as they drive off.




·         The mother always knows what the boy is thinking.

·         The boy decides that he wants to buy Shiloh from Judd.

·         The boy hasn’t come up with a good plan yet to make money.

·         The boy helped his father deliver the mail.

·         Judd doesn’t seem to care about how he treats his dogs.



·         What was Judd thinking when the boy told him the dog’s name was Shiloh.



·         Have you ever needed to come up with a plan to make money?

·         Have you ever helped your parents at work?



·         Will the boy come up with a better plan to make money?

·         Will the boy think of a different way to rescue Shiloh?

·         Will the father become involved in helping Shiloh?



·         Squeals – P. 31 – last paragraph

·         Sickle – P. 34 – last paragraph



·         Double negatives – P. 31 – Thinking don’t cost nothing.



·         P. 32 – quarter of nine – What time is it?

·         P. 35 – good description of Judd.  Have the students write a detailed description of something they see.



·         What did Judd do to punish Shiloh the night he was brought back?  Knowledge – what

·         How would you compare the way the boy felt about keeping the fireflies and the way he felt about Judd’s treatment of Shiloh? Comprehension – compare

·         How do the mother and father feel about the boy’s concern for Shiloh?  Use examples from the book to justify your answer.  Application – identify

·         Why do you think Judd treats his dogs like he does?  Analysis – motive

·         What do you think Judd was thinking when the boy told him the dog’s name was Shiloh?  Synthesis – suppose


Chapter 4 - P. 37-45

Marty's dad tries to explain to Marty that he can't tell Judd what to call his dog.  Marty says he can't stop thinking about Shiloh.  Marty remembers one time finding

a dog in the woods that was shot.  He wonders if Judd would do that to his dogs on purpose.  Dad says that the new game warden is pretty tough on the rules. 

Marty knows the family can't afford a dog because their extra money goes to pay for the grandmother and her nurses.  The next day Marty finds Shiloh waiting for

him in the yard.  He sneaks him off into the mountains and promises not to give him back to Judd.  Marty feels this promise is more important than the promise he

made to Judd about returning Shiloh.  He builds a pen in the hills and sneaks him food from supper.  Shiloh never barks even when the kids are outside playing. 

Marty gets a full night's sleep for the first time in a while.



·         The boy’s name is Marty.

·         Marty is starting to realize what else he will have to do if he is able to get the dog.

·         Shiloh comes back to Marty’s house and Marty takes him to the woods to keep him hidden.

·         Mrty made a pen for Shiloh and brought him some dinner.



·         How is Marty going to feed Shiloh everyday?

·         Does the dog know not to bark or else he will get in trouble?

·         Is the new game warden going to show up later in the story?



·         Have you ever faced a problem that was so complex you had to take it step by step?



·         Will anyone find out that Shiloh is in the woods?

·         Will Marty’s mother figure out what is happening?

·         Will Judd come looking for his dog?

·         Will Marty be able to Shiloh fed?



·         Ridge – P. 38 – 5th paragraph

·         Wringer – P. 40 – 3rd paragraph

·         Lard – P. 40 – 3rd paragraph

·         Creep – P.41 – 2nd paragraph

·         Tense – P. 44 – 5th paragraph





·         Math – P. 39 – How many aluminum cans will he collect in a year?  How many cans will it take to buy a dog?

·         Math – P. 43 – Pen measures 6 x 8 feet.  What is perimeter, area in feet, inches? Etc.



·         How did Marty get Shiloh to stay in the woods before he built his pen?  Knowledge – How

·         What were some of the problems Marty would have to solve if he was actually able to get Shiloh?  Comprehension – Rephrase

·         How is Marty’s promise to Judd different than his promise to Shiloh?  Analysis – compare

·         What do you think Marty’s dad would do if he found out about Shiloh?  Synthesis – Predict

·         Why do you think Marty was able to get a good night’s sleep even though he felt tense?  Evaluation – Interpret


Chapter 5 - P. 46-54
Marty has to figure out a way to sneak Shiloh some food.  In the morning he brings him a biscuit and plays with him.  They run around for a while and play in the fields.  Later that night, Marty's dad asks him how the can collecting is going.  Marty realizes he needs to collect cans to buy Shiloh some food.  Marty tells his mom that he gets full at dinner and then hungry again before bedtime.  She tells him to save some of his food for bedtime.  Mom asks if Marty is bored without any friends around and Marty just wishes they would get off his back.  Marty makes the excuse that he is going to shoot his rifle after dinner and sneaks Shiloh the other half of his dinner.  When he comes back he wonders if his Dad will notice that he never fired his again.  Instead he sees Judd Travers' truck pulling up to the house.  Judd immediately asks if anyone has seen his dog without making small talk.  Marty lies by saying that he hasn't seen the dog in the yard.  He then gets a stronger voice and says he hasn't seen Shiloh at all.  He nods when he is told to bring Shiloh back if he sees him.  Judd says he would shoot the dog if he wasn't a good hunter.  Dad tells him the sheriff would not be happy about that.  Judd says the law doesn't tell him what to do.
Chapter 6 - P. 55-65
At night Marty is thinking about the time when he ate the ear off of Dara Lynn's chocolate rabbit.  He tried to lie about it and didn't feel too good about doing it.  Ma told him that Jesus knows who bit the ear off and that He was real sad about it.  When asked about it again, Marty admits to doing it.  This time he is thinking it is not so easy.  He decides that Jesus would rather him protect the beagle that to have Judd abuse him.  Dad tells Marty that David Howard is back in town and that they should get together.  Marty says that he will visit David because there is nothing to do at his house.  Immediately he realizes that he already told his parents that he has plenty to do.  One lie leads to another.   His parents attribute it to his being 11 and moody.  On the way to David Howard's Marty gets a ride from Judd.  Marty builds up the courage tot ell Judd he needs to treat the dog right.  Marty compares it to kids.  if you don't treat them right they will run off.  Judd says that if that was true he would have run off when he was 4.  "I stuck around.  Didn't have anyplace else to go.  I turned out, didn't I?"  "Turned out how?"  The boldness in my chest is growing, taking up the air.  Marty says he feels sorry for Judd.  Judd says don't waste your sorry on him.  "Nobody ever felt sorry for me, and I never felt sorry for nobody else.  Sorry's something I can do without."  Once again Marty promises to bring the dog back to Judd if he sees him.
Chapter 7 - P. 66-73
Marty goes to David Howard's house.  The beginning of the chapter is a good description of how big the house is.  Marty and David go outside to play for a while.  When they go back in, David shows Marty his pet hermit crab.  Marty doesn't say anything about Shiloh.  David wants to go to Marty's house, but Marty lies and says that his Ma is sick.  At lunch Marty eats everything Mrs. Howard gives him.  She even packs him another half a sandwich which Marty decides will be Shiloh's dinner.  Marty then goes to the local store and buys some old food for $0.53.  Marty can see that Mr. Wallace is embarrassed for him and his family.  Marty puts the food in a can and leaves it in the river.  Dara Lynn comes up the hill as Marty is leaving.  She doesn't see Shiloh.  Marty tells her again that there are lots of snakes up on the hill.  Marty thinks to himself about what his Grandmother said.  All liars go to hell.  He also remembered that she said only people go to Heaven.  If Marty saw Shiloh left behind, he would surely run away from Heaven.
Chapter 8 - P. 74-80
At dinner, Dad says that Judd asked if he could hunt on their land.  Marty becomes very nervous and doesn't say anything.  Ma says that she doesn't like the idea and Dad says he will say no to Judd.  Marty is relieved, but he believes that Judd wants to snoop on their land to look for Shiloh.  Dad says that he has been getting extra food in people's mailboxes.  Marty figures that Mr. Wallace is telling people that his family is going through some hard times.  When Marty's family goes into town, Marty is able to bring Shiloh to the house and show him around.  Marty takes Shiloh back to his pen just before everyone shows up.  Marty's mom says that people in town keep asking how she is feeling and trying to give her headache remedies.  Ma tells Marty that David Howard is coming up the next day to visit.  Marty goes up to the hill to play with Shiloh.  While he is laying on the ground with Shiloh, Ma comes up and finds them.
Chapter 9 - P. 81-88
Marty tells his mom that he has had Shiloh for about a week.  Ma says, "we have a secret." and that makes Marty feel a little better.  She said that it was the squash that gave it away.  Marty never eats squash and she got suspicious when he took some for later.  Ma says that she can't keep a secret from Dad.  She promises Marty she won't tell him for a day if he promises not to run off.  That night Marty is coming up with a plan to give Shiloh away by sitting on the road to Sistersville holding a sign.  He then hears Shiloh yelping.  He runs out to see what is happening followed by his Dad.  When they get there, the mean German Shepard is hunched over Shiloh with blood in his mouth.  They chase the dog away and Marty leans over Shiloh thinking he is dead.  Shiloh then moves a little and Marty can just cry.
Chapter 10 - P. 89-95
Dad has Marty put the gunnysacks in the Jeep and then he puts Shiloh in the Jeep.  Marty climbs in with Shiloh sure that they are going to Judd's place.  Instead, Dad turns towards Friendly.  They take Shiloh to Doc Murphy's.  Dad doesn't answer any of Doc's questions and instead lets Marty do the talking.  Marty admits that the dog belongs to Judd.  Doc says he is going to keep Shiloh overnight and they should now if he will live by the next day.  Dad and Marty don't talk all the way home.  When they do get home, Dad asks Marty what else he is keeping from him.  Marty says "nothing" and Dad says "just saying so don't make it true".  Dad says "I want you to do what's right."  and Marty asks "What's right?"  There is back and forth with Dad saying you have to obey the law and Marty saying he had to do what was right.  Dad says they can keep Shiloh until he gets better and then he goes back to Judd.  Marty realizes he still has a chance to save Shiloh.
Chapter 11 - P. 96-104
Marty can hear Ma and Dad arguing that night.  Dad is very upset that the two of them are keeping secrets from him.  He is worried that everyday he has seen Judd and didn't know what was happening.  Marty cries himself to sleep.  He wakes up the next morning to find that dad had already gone to work and Ma doesn't want to be bothered.  Marty decided he wants to be by himself too.  Dara Lynn tries talking to Marty to make him feel better.  Later, David Howard came to spend the day.  The two boys play with kites on the hill.  David starts chasing a groundhog and Marty tries to get him to stop before he finds Shiloh's pen.  David does find the pen and Marty gets very serious with David.  He explains what happens and then they begin to clean up the pen.  Marty now figures that 7 people know about Shiloh and it is sure to get out.  He expects Becky to say something because "A secret is just too big for a little kid."  Doc Murphy drives up to the house with Shiloh.  He said that he didn't want his patients seeing the dog.  Shiloh healed pretty quick and is very lively, licking everybody and wagging his tail wildly.  Doc says to keep Shiloh rested so that he will heal in a few weeks.  The family makes Shiloh a bed and as Marty is stroking him he decides that there is no way he is giving up Shiloh now.
Chapter 12 - P. 105-112
The family is enjoying having Shiloh around.  Everyone is petting him and feeding him.  Ma even sings to him.  Marty tries to figure out ways to make money, but there aren't any opportunities.  As the family is finishing up dinner, they hear a truck pull up and Shiloh sticks his tail between his legs.  Judd knocks on the door and walks right in when Dad opens the door.  Says he found out from Doc that they had Shiloh.  Dad tells Marty to explain to Judd what has happened.  Judd is very angry at Marty for getting his dog hurt.  He tries to pretend that he is friendly to the dog by petting him, but he is not very good at it.  Judd says that Shiloh was shy before he even got him.  Dad says that what Marty did was wrong, but he is going to pay the doctor bill and they would like to keep Shiloh until he gets better.  Ma says they would like to buy Shiloh and Judd says that he isn't for sale.  They can keep until he gets better, but he wants the dog back by Sunday.
Chapter 13 - P. 113-119
Marty is trying to figure out what he can do to keep Shiloh.  Every idea he comes up with is something he already thought of.  He thinks about hiding Shiloh but then decides that would be no life for the dog.  The girls spend the last day with Shiloh constantly playing with him.  The next morning, Marty decides he is going to Judd and let him know that he is not giving up Shiloh.  Marty sees a doe as he walks through the woods.  Then, there is the sound of a rifle shot and the doe goes down.  Marty then sees Judd walk into the clearing with a rifle in his hand.
Chapter 14 - P. 120-128
Judd is very excited that he was able to shoot the doe.  Marty surprises Judd when he sneaks up behind him.  Judd says that he shot the doe because he was eating his garden.  Marty tells Judd he is lying and that he saw the doe eating in the woods.  Marty is thinking that as a child he shouldn't be talking to Judd like this, but ke keeps going.  Marty says that he could call the game warden.  Marty asks Judd if he's going to shoot him like he shot his old dog.  If he does shoot Marty, his dad will know whose bullet it is.  Marty offers to keep the doe a secret if he trades Shiloh.  Marty feels like he is making a bad decision, but will do anything for Shiloh.  Judd says that he will sell Shiloh to Marty for $40 but he doesn't want to be paid by and by.  Marty agrees to work for Judd for $2 and hour.  Marty tells Judd to write down the agreement on paper.  As he is going home, Marty thinks of all the ways Judd can get out of the deal.  What he worries about the most is that one day he might find Shiloh shot by Judd.
Chapter 15 - P. 129-144
Marty goes home and tells his family that Judd has agreed to sell Shiloh.  He doesn't tell them about the deer.  Marty starts working for Judd and it is very hard work.  On the second day, Judd did leave water on the porch for Marty.  Marty and Judd talk a little about dogs.  During the second week, Judd works Marty even harder.  Then Judd tells Marty that he signed the piece of paper without a witness and that Marty is working for nothing.  Marty decides to keep working so that he can fulfill his side of the bargain.  Judd keeps changing.  One day he is nice and talkative and the next day he is mean and tells Marty he is not giving away Shiloh.  Marty continues to work hard and on the last day Marty says he is leaving.  Judd tells him to stop, goes inside, and comes out with a collar for Shiloh.  Marty goes home to play with Shiloh.  As he lays on the ground, looking up at the sky, he thinks that nothing is as simple, like right or wrong.