Post-Reading Activities

Number the Stars

by Lois Lowry

Chapter 1


Answer each question true or false:


__F___  Two shopkeepers stopped the girls from racing at the beginning of the story.


__F___  Kirsti is very scared of the the German soldiers.


__T___  Annemarie and Ellen decide not to tell their parents about the German soldiers.


__T___  The girls call one of the soldiers the “giraffe”.


__F___  Annemarie makes Kirsti cupcakes.


Points to Ponder:  Discuss these ideas with your group.


1.    What advise did Mrs. Rosen give the girls about behaving outside?


        She told them to walk a different route each day.  They should not be remembered by the soldiers.



2.    How did Annemarie show her dislike of the German soldiers occupying her country?


        She called one of them a giraffe.  She did not look at them when they asked her questions.



3.    Draw a bubble map describing Annemarie's reaction to the soldiers.  Draw another bubble map for Kirsti.


        Annemarie - scared, quiet                Kirsti - unafraid, talkative



4.    Why isn't Kirsti afraid of the soldiers?


        She is too young to understand the danger.  She can't remember a time when the soldiers weren't on every street corner.


5.    Why is it important to NOT be remembered by the soldiers?


        If they remember you, they might pull you aside to question you or even worse - to hurt you



Chapter 1 - Why are you running? - P. 1

Annemarie Johansen, her younger sister Kirsti, and Ellen Rosen are racing down the street when they are stopped by 2 German soldiers.  The two older girls are frightened and Kirsti is very defiant.  The soldiers tell the girls to go home.  Annemarie and Ellen decide not to tell their parents, however Kirsti gets home first and tells both parents what happened.  Mrs. Rosen tells Annemarie not to be noticed by the soldiers and to take a different route home.  The parents believe the soldiers are edgy because of increased resistance and sabotage.  Kirsti would like to have cupcakes, but there is no butter or sugar.  Mrs. Johansen tells Kirsti there will be cupcakes again when the war is over and the soldiers leave.