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General Science Sites, Science Safety and Experiments

Life Science

Animals, People, Bugs and Plants

Earth and Space Science

Physical Science

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General Science Sites, Science Safety and Experiments

Science Experiments Workshop (K-Bears)

Interactive Microscope

Try Science

Magic School Bus

Houghton Mifflin Science (school textbook)

Cool Science for Kids Dirtmeister's Science Lab
 Bitesize Science (BBC Schools) BBC Schools Science
Sid the Science Kid Discovery Kids



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Life Science

Animals and Their Habitats

Plants People Bugs

Animals and Their Habitats


Zoos, Zoo Animals and Pets

Chain Reaction (Food Chain)


Animals Two by Two (Animal Life Cycle-FOSS)

Endangered Animals

 Birds Ocean Animals and Oceans

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General Plant Sites


Apples Pumpkins

General Plant Sites

The Great Plant Escape

El Gran Escape de la Planta

My First Garden

Mi Primer Jardin

FOSSweb- Plants Enchanted Learning Plant Activities

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Trees are Terrific!

Los arboles son fabulosos

Secret Life of Trees

Explorando la vida secreta de los arboles

FOSSweb- Trees A Walk in the Woods

Un Paseo en el Bosque


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Apple Activities (Enchanted Learning) Apple Games

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Pumpkin, Pumpkin ( interactive story) Pumpkin Activities (Enchanted Learning)

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Your Yucky, Gross and Cool Body

Human Body Systems (Enchanted Learning)
How the Body Works Body Works Games (Science World)

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FOSS Insect Module  Critter Catalog (BioK.I.D.S.)

Insect Printouts and Facts

Insect Zoo (Student Resource Page)
Orkin (Insect Activities) Minibeasts Field Trip
Insecta Inspecta World Sci4Kids (USDA)- Insects
Lets Talk About Insects

Hablemos de insectos

e-Nature: Insects and Spiders
Caterpillars and Mystery Bugs  
Spiders (Enchanted Learning)  

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Earth and Space Science

Rocks, Minerals and Soil Air and Weather Natural Resources/ Environment Space/ Solar System


Rocks, Minerals and Soil   

This Planet Rocks!

Pebbles, Sand and Silt

Ask the Answer Worm!

Mineral Matters
Soil Science Education Rockhound

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Air and Weather

Weathering the Storm (Sesame Street) ¡En Español!

FEMA for Kids

Air and Weather (FOSS) Weather Games (BBC Weather)

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Natural Resources/Environment

Wood and Paper (FOSS)

Recycle City Rotten Truth (About Garbage)
EPA's Drinking Water &Ground Water Edheads: Weather Games
Kids Recycling Page  

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Space/ Solar System

Space: K-Bears NASA for Kids

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Physical Science




Magnets Force and Motion


 Infrared Photo Album BBC School: Science- Solid & Liquids

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Magnets: BBC Bitesize Science


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Force and Motion

Little Shop of Physics (online experiments)

Forces and Motion: BBC Bitesize Science

Friction: BBC Bitesize Science

Forces in Action: BBC Bitesize Science

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