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Festivals Around the World



Labor Day 

The Very First Labor Day

Celebrating Labor Day

Labor Day Activities         

National Grandparents Day 

National Football League Formed (17th)

Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept.15-Oct.15)

Birthday of Johnny  "Appleseed" Chapman (26th)

Apple Activities (Enchanted Learning)

Fall Begins ( 22th)

Fall Games (Kids Domain)

First Day of Autumn (NASA Kids: Audio)

Fall Activities (Enchanted Learning)


U.S. Constitution Day (16th)

  KiddyHouse: Happy Ramadan Selamet Hari Raya
U.S. Constitution Ramadan Activities (ABC Teach)
Writing the U.S. Constitution Sue Ellen's Scrapbook: Ramadan (PBS Kids)
National Constitution Center Islamic Holidays
Rosh Hashanah Eid-at-Fitr 

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Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept.16-Oct.15)  
Yom Kippur (8th) Sukkot (14th)

Columbus Day (13th)

Fire Prevention Week (4th-10th)

Columbus Links (Kids Domain)

Fire Safety with Hershey

Columbus's Lost Ships

Fire for Kids

Columbus (Enchanted Learning)

Sparky the Firedog

Christopher Columbus (Interactive History Game)




All About Bats


Bats 4 Kids

Critter Guide: Spiders

Soar with Bats (Scholastic)

Spiders for Kids

Bat Facts (Sand Diego Zoo)

On the Ground: Spiders

Foxy Fruit Bats (National Geographic Kids: Video)

Anansi Tales

Vampire Bats (National Geographic Kids: Interactive. Includes video)

Explore Africa with Anansi (PBS Kids)

Bats: Facts and Myths (Ranger Rick)




Pick a Pumpkin (Starfall)

"Scare" crows, Not Me

Pumpkin, Pumpkin ( interactive story)

Scarecrow Project (Enchanted Learning)

Pumpkin Activities (Enchanted Learning)

The Scarecrow's Clothes (a printable beginning to read book)

Red Ribbon Week

Halloween (31st)

What You Need to Know About Drugs and Alcohol (

Halloween Crafts, Games and Costume Ideas (Kids Domain)

Red Ribbon Week Activities

Halloween Crafts and Games (Enchanted Learning)

Red Ribbon Week Booklet (coloring pages)

Diwali (28th)


Getting Ready for Diwali


All About Diwali/The Story of Ram and Sita

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Native American History Month Thanksgiving/ Pilgrims (27th)

Veteran's Day (11th)


Veteran's Day Booklet (Easy)


Veteran's Day Stationary


VA Kids, K-5


America's Story: History of Veteran's Day


Make a Poppy


Poppy Story (with comprehension questions)


Election Day (4th)

Day of the Dead (Mexico) 1st and 2nd

U.S. Elections (Enchanted Learning)

Day of the Dead (Mexico for Kids)

Elections/Voting Day of the Dead, El Dia de los Muertos
Inside the Voting Booth Day of the Dead Crafts and Activities ( Enchanted Learning)
Election Activities

Día de los Muertos in Mexico (Mexico for Kids)

Kids Voting USA

Pan de Muerto (recipe in English)

Duck for President  
ZOOM out the Vote! (PBS Kids)  
BrainPop -Election: K-3  
BrainPop -Election: 3+  
Scholastic News: Election 2008  





















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Polar Express Central Station


Winter Holidays Around the World

Basketball Created (1891)

Winter Begins (21st)

BAM!: Basketball

Sue Ellen's Scrapbook: Winter Solstice (PBS)

First College Basketball Game (America's Story)

Winter Solstice (Why?)

Rosa Parks Day (1st)

Winter Crafts (Enchanted Learning)

Rosa Parks Activities (Enchanted Learning)

Rosa Parks: America's Story


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New Year's Day

Martin Luther King (Observed on the third Monday)

New Year Activities (Enchanted Learning)


New Year Activities (ABC Teach)

Inauguration Day (Library of Congress)



Winnie the Pooh Day (18th)

Benjamin Franklin's Birthday (17th)



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African-American History Month

Dental Health Month


Groundhog's Day (2nd)

Valentine's Day (14th)



Presidents' Day (18th)

Mardi Gras

100th Day of School

Mardi Gras History (Library of Congress)

100th Day of School (Starfall Interactive Story)

Chinese New Year  (3rd)

Enchanted Learning Activities

ABC Teach Activites

Children's Authors and Illustrators Week (4th-8th)

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Women's History Month

St. Patrick's Day (17th)

Read Across America Day (2nd) History of Saint Patrick's Day and Traditions
Doll Festival/ Girl's Day (Hina Matsuri- Japan)    (3rd) St. Pat's Hat

Make a Japanese Kokeshi Doll

Saint Patrick's Day Online Games


Enchanted Learning's St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Activities

Celebrate Your Name Week (5th-11th)

Find a Four Leaf Clover (interactive story)

Girl Scouts Week (12th-18th)

St. Patrick's Day/Ireland Books

Spring Begins (20th)

St. Patrick's Day/Leprechaun Poems and Songs

NASA: First Day of Spring

Ireland (Lonely Planet) click on a city for more information

Spring and Autumn Equinox (Beginning Level)

Enchanted Learning's All About Ireland

There is a Season (with experiments!)

St Patrick's Day Activities (ABC Teach)
What Happens to the Earth: Spring and Fall

Easter (Easter is April 12th, 2009)

Spring Poems and Songs (Can Teach)

Faberge Eggs


Easter Books

Purim (21st)

Easter Poems and Songs


Printable Easter Pages

Holi (25th)

Enchanted Learning's Easter/Spring Crafts


Traditions of Easter

Daylight Savings Time( 8th)

Online Easter Games

Daylight Savings Time  
Dr. Seuss' Birthday (2nd)

Cesar Chavez Day ( 31st)

Seuss Activities (Enchanted Learning)

Cesar Chavez Activities/ Biography

Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden (includes biography)

Harvesting Hope Reading Game (Cesar Chavez)


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Pesach /Passover (19th-27th)

National Poetry Month/National Humour Month

Pesach Activities


Passover Printables

April Fool's Day (1st)

Tax Day (15th)

April Fool's Links

History of Income Tax Day (America's Story)

April Fool's Day Activities (Enchanted Learning)

Earth Day(22nd)

Arbor Day (24th)

Planet Pals

How to Celebrate Arbor Day

How Earth Day Began

History of Arbor Day

Make Earth Day Bags

FOSSweb- Trees

Adventure of the Garbage Gremlin (EPA)

Kids for Trees

Planet Protectors Club

Smokey the Bear and the Forest

Recycling Activities

Arbor Day Crafts

Earth Day Crafts

A Walk in the Woods

Un Paseo en el Bosque

Earth Day Printable Books

Trees are Terrific!

Los arboles son fabulosos


Earth Day Activities

Secret Life of Trees

Explorando la vida secreta de los arboles

Everyday is Earth Day (Starfall)

Kids Recycle Page  

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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Cinco de Mayo

Memorial Day

Mother's Day

History of Memorial Day (History Channel)

History of Mother's Day

Memorial Day Crafts

Mother's Day Ideas (ABC Teach)

Make a Poppy

Mother's Day Crafts and Activities

National Children's Book Week (13th-20th)



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Flag Day (June 14th)

Father's Day

Independence Day (July 4th)


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