A Good Man is Hard to Find

Lesson Plans


Objective: Improve reading skills and employs various reading strategies to improve understanding.


Goal: Students will be able to discuss multiple social implications of Flannery O’ Connors, A Good Man is Hard to Find.


Method: Comprehension- Detailed reading and analysis (note taking etc.) Analysis- Discussion and use of H.O.T. questions as discussed learned in class.



1.      Journal

2.      If you are absent on a day when we do a response to literature, take a quote from the book on the wall near the journal entries and discuss it for full credit. Be sure to note that it is a make up assignment.

3.      In groups “Come up with things we do to make reading easier.” “Brainstorm on board”

4.      Introduce “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

Setting/ Warnings/ Conclusion

5.      Give example of active reading strategy. Type of notes we are seeking.

6.      Begin reading story in class


Homework: Define 8 vocabulary words on back of sheet



1.      Journal

2.      Read stories silently in class taking active reading notes (at least twenty significant notes due by the end of class)


Homework:      1. Answer the five questions “The Facts”

                         2. Develop five questions like them from your reading notes.



1.      No Journal

2.      Compare and contrast questions on back of sheet.

3.      Define what a H.O.T. question is.

4.      Hand out H.O.T. question sheet.


Homework:      Write three of your own H.O.T. questions. To bring to class for discussion.



            1. Journal

            Quiz over “A good man is hard to find”

            1. Roundtable written discussion of H.O.T. questions.