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Chapter Six Test Review


Section One:


  1. How did Britainís policy toward its American colonies change after the French and Indian war?



  1. Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger many colonists?




  1. What did many colonists choose to do about the proclamation?



  1. What was the Quartering Act?



  1. Why did Parliament seek to impose greater taxes on the colonies?




  1. Why did the colonists oppose the Sugar Act?



  1. What was the Stamp Act?



  1. How did the Stamp Act differ from previous taxes imposed on the colonies?




  1. What objection did colonial leaders voice about the Stamp Act?




  1. In what ways did the colonists challenge the Stamp Act?




  1. Who were the Sons of Liberty?


  1. What eventually became of the Stamp Act?



Section Two:


  1. What were the Townshend Acts?




  1. Why did the British think the acts would anger the colonists less than the Stamp Act did?



  1. How did the British attempt to enforce the Townshend Acts?




  1. Why did the writs of assistance anger the colonists?



  1. Why did colonists in Boston resent the presence of so many British soldiers?





  1. How did the Boston Massacre begin?  What was the outcome?






  1. Why was the massacre an important event in the cause for independence?





  1. Why did Parliament repeal the Townshend Acts?





  1. Why did the Tea Act upset the colonists?




  1. What was the Boston Tea Party?


Section Three:


23. What were the Intolerable Acts?





24. What effect did the Intolerable Acts have on the colonies?






25. What happened at the First Continental Congress?





26. How did the colonists protest the Intolerable Acts? How successful were they?





27. What did most colonial leaders think about the prospect of war with Britain?





28. What was the role of spies in the pre-revolutionary period?





29. Why did Britainís General Gage send troops to Lexington and Concord?





30. What was the mission of the midnight riders?





31. What happened at the battles of Lexington and Concord?



32. Who were the Loyalists and Patriots?





Section Four:


34. For what reasons did General Gage move his troops to Boston after the battles at

      Lexington and Concord?





35. What did the Second Continental Congress accomplish?





36.Why was the Battle of Bunker Hill considered an important one for the colonists?





37. What was the purpose and outcome of the Olive Branch Petition?





38. Why did so many Loyalists flee Boston with the British?





39. What points does Thomas Paine make in Common Sense?





40. What impact did Paineís pamphlet have on the colonies?




41. Why did colonial leaders choose Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of





42. What is the core ideas of the Declaration of Independence?





43. Which parts of the population does the Declaration neglect?





Terms and Names:


King George III-




Patrick Henry-




Sons of Liberty-




Crispus Attucks-




Samuel Adams-




John Adams-




Paul Revere-



Ethan Allen-




Benedict Arnold-




Thomas Jefferson-